Welcome to the School of Engineering.

The School of Engineering is one of four academic schools in the Faculty of Computing and Engineering. The School, based at the Jordanstown Campus, offers a broad range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses that place special emphasis on the practical application of engineering theory.


The School of Engineering offers an exciting range of programmes that provide practical experience of engineering fundamentals, while covering the more advanced theoretical aspects of the subject. These programmes are supported by an industrial placement programme that affords the opportunity of one years work experience in your chosen field. The experience gained through these programmes is extremely relevant to modern engineering practices and offers sound job prospects upon completion. 


Research within the School of Engineering is conducted under the Engineering Research Institute (ERI). Within this institute, 3 main Research Centres (NIBEC, ECRE and AmFoR) provide a wide spectrum of opportunity for research projects as well as MPhil and Ph.D. studies.

Why Engineering?

Most engineers consider that they belong to the greatest profession in the world, responsible for almost everything that makes life worth living - from shelter, energy and transportation to communications, health care and a clean environment.  In fact, modern life would be impossible if it weren't for the ingenuity and creativity of the engineer. The study of engineering can provide stimulating challenges, opportunities to be creative and most of all, can lead to an exciting and rewarding career. Find out more by linking to 'Why Engineering at Ulster?'